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What will the internet of the future look like?

Companies worldwide are working on the next generation of the internet. The “metaverse” or “web3” could overhaul the web as we know it. But how do you avoid repeating the mistakes of today’s internet? Are...


In 2021, Big Tech may have finally gotten too big

A rapid uptake in tech has made living through a pandemic easier and safer. But regulators are starting to ask: at what cost? A new year is approaching and, thanks to the pandemic, brings with it...


E-scooters under fire: Can cities make them safer?

Facing cluttered sidewalks, reckless drivers and now the first known fatality in Europe, cities are threatening to kill the e-scooter. But fans of the e-mobility option say the criticism is misplaced. They have a low...


Are we seeing the end of the You economy?

New York has tightened its regulation of ride-hailing services such as Uber and other competitors. What will that mean for the so-called You economy? DW correspondent Anne Schwedt is looking for answers. It’s a few...


India cuts red tape to boost foreign investment

Foreign companies looking to do business in India may soon find their chances of success greatly improved. In a bid to boost growth, India´s government has announced plans to ease overseas investment regulations. India is...