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German know-how gives Ireland a wind powered push

Ireland’s wind power potential is vast, and although wind now supplies more than a fifth of the country’s electricity, the potential remains mostly untapped. Siemens Gamesa is striving to change that. Ireland is a wind-swept...


Tesla launches world’s biggest battery in Australia

It is three times larger than the next biggest lithium-ion battery and can power up to 30,000 homes. Elon Musk has said it is “just the beginning.” Tesla activated the world’s biggest lithium-ion battery in Australia...


Bangladesh struggling to balance energy and environment needs

In a bid to bolster the electricity generation capacity of the energy-poor nation, the government is looking to build several coal-fired plants in the coming years. But activists oppose them citing environmental risks. The plan...


Scotland’s Orkney Islands harness energy from the sea

Stand in the surf and you feel it: the push of a wave, the rush of a current. Now, engineers are finding ways to turn that power into electricity. The European Marine Energy Center in...


Solar roadways: A way forward for renewables?

Dark solar paneling covering the streets and harnessing the power of the sun to produce electricity – is this a vision for the future, or just science fiction? According to reports, French environment minister Segolene...


Rockefeller Fund: ‘The oil age is coming to an end’

Stephen Heintz, president of the Rockefeller Brothers Fund, explains to DW how it makes perfect sense that a fund which got rich on oil is now divesting from fossil fuels. With its announcement to pull...