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Tesla’s latest ‘moonshot’ is an all-electric semi truck

Tesla CEO Elon Musk has opened a new chapter in his book of visions as he unveiled a prototype electric big-rig truck that aims to throw Tesla into a new market even as it struggles...


Tesla to issue new debt in Model 3 funding drive

The e-car pioneer has announced it wants to raise more than a billion dollars in fresh debt obligations under efforts to strengthen its balance sheet ahead of mass-producing its latest Model 3 sedan. With Tesla’s first...


Tesla overtakes GM to become most valuable US car company

Tesla has leapfrogged General Motors to become the biggest US car manufacturer by market value. It’s the clearest sign yet that Wall Street considers Silicon Valley – and not Detroit – as the future of...


World’s first self-driving cabs take to Singapore streets

The Asian city-state has taken the lead in becoming the location of the world’s first public experiment with self-driving taxis. The outcome of the trial is likely to revolutionize the global automotive industry. The world’s...


Self-driving cars may end gasoline era

By 2025, self-driving cars could lead to a steep decline in fossil fuels – and in personal car ownership. Smart electric vehicles will pick you up, drop you off, and mostly look after themselves. A...

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Tesla unveils batteries for homes, businesses

Elon Musk, CEO of Tesla Motors, has launched Tesla Energy’s Powerwall – a project he hopes will speed the world’s adoption of solar power by making reliable household energy storage battery packs widely affordable. Musk...