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Unveiling Gen Z & Gen Alpha’s Work Motivations: Sociocracy, Holacracy & Teal Management

It is anticipated that Gen Z will make about 27% of the workforce by 2025, and Gen Alpha will follow suit by 2030. These generations bring unique attitudes and expectations to the workplace that have...


Japan’s sleep-deprived employees embrace the workplace nap

Government and experts warn that Japanese people are not getting enough good quality sleep, risking health issues, irritation and a loss of focus at work. Japan’s ministry of health and welfare has called on the...


How the world of work is changing

Chile is to cut the working week from 45 to 40 hours — a stark contrast to the 48 hours of toil across the rest of Latin America. From four-day weeks to remote work, DW...


Quiet quitting: How quiet quitters gain from doing just enough work

So-called quiet quitting is the act of doing exactly what the job calls for and nothing more. Now workers are using their free time and peace of mind to find new ventures. “In order to...


Judging others is often based on our own ignorance!

We often tend to judge others based on their actions or behaviours , because of our own ignorance, and the fact that we have not been trained to understand different perspectives, or to understand behaviours...


The future of work: How have our workplaces changed?

Coworking spaces aren’t only for cutting-edge startups. More and more companies are mulling over the future of work. Since the pandemic, mobile offices and hybrid models have become a greater part of the equation. It’s...


Money for nothing: Germany starts basic income experiment

The study, the first of three parts of the Pilotproject Grundeinkommen (Basic Income Pilot Project), will provide 122 participants with €1,200 ($1,420) a month for a period of three years. Participants did not have to...


Do you work the nightshift? If yes, read this…

Most organisations usually have work hours from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. But for the average worker, a typical workday usually extends beyond these hours. Some jobs in  global organisations require staff to service  their...

Stopping to learn- i know everything

Stopping to learn, I know everything

Stopping to learn, I know everything. Other Cartoons in Work & Happiness 

reason stay leave culture-MarketExpress-in

Culture – The #1 Reason To Stay Or Leave

Brian Chesky of Airbnb wrote a stimulating letter about culture to his employees, recounting the advice he received from Peter Thiel. This is old news, but lately I’ve been thinking about what makes the difference...

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Sharing views and having coffee

Share your lighter moments with us, while having coffee and sharing your views – with your colleague/co-workers!. Other Cartoons in Work & Happiness 

Five Tips for the professional – Life with Email

We use email very frequently. It is our most commonly used medium of communication. Everyone has an email id to boast of! My grandmother asks me to “just email” my family photos!! At work, it...