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IMF lifts growth forecast, but economic challenges persist

The IMF has said global economic growth is on track to increase somewhat more than expected. However, overall growth in 2023 remains stunted in advanced economies, and Germany’s growth is expected to contract. The International Monetary...


COVID-19 & Conundrum about growth & slowdown

While it is impossible to predict when a panic will occur and how long it will last, I hope this week’s price movements have not come as a complete surprise to you. Some, however, are...


Brighter forecast for UK economy thanks to global growth and Brexit progress

The world economy is growing fast and according to a respected UK economic forecaster, that is behind an improved British growth forecast. As ever though, the outcome of Brexit decides all. A leading economic forecaster...


IMF positive on global economic prospects

In its latest assessment and forecast for the world economy, the International Monetary Fund has been the bearer of some rare good news. Yet, while the global economy is enjoying strong growth, challenges remain. The...


Indian growth rate in a step-up mode

One of the biggest drawbacks of Indian economy is said to be the lack of adequate physical infrastructure, which caps growth potential of the economy. Every time the growth rate is on an upward trajectory...