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2007 to 2017……Government Bond Yields….2018 !!! The road ahead

The Financial crisis of 2007 witnessed unprecedented and collective response from central bankers across the globe which was flexible, decisive and also local in nature to address the need of regional malaise. Aggressive reduction of...


Greece and the Return of the Repressed

Freud warned that unresolved psychological conflicts might be repressed but they keep returning. So too with Greece’s debt problems. A new crisis is at hand. Investor nervousness is evident in the surge in the two-year...

Govt. Public debt increased by 3.2 per cent to Rs 33,82,645 cr in Q3

New Delhi, February 9, 2012 : The Government of India’s public debt in the September-December quarter increased by 3.2 per cent to Rs 33,82,645 crore over the previous quarter. The outstanding internal debt of the...