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SAP Cloud – build & grow your business

, October 23, 2013, 0 Comments

SAP Cloud - The Complete Cloud PlatformThe key ​component of today​’s ​business ​​​ is data and its relevance in every aspect of  business has increased manifold. The challenges faced by businesses to store large quantity of data from various sources of the business , analyzing in a short span of time and to derive​ meaningful ​ business intelligence ​​ ​is a mammoth task in itself.

More often than not enterprises ​fail in this regard, due to various constraints , ​improper infrastructure to carry out or inadequate funding. Yet enterprises understand the importance of such data in order ​to be competitive and  cost effective.

Classic dilemma faced by SME’s can be overcome by using cloud technology, as it is budget-friendly. SAP Cloud happens to be one such offering which gives the power to SME’s and small businesses to think, improvise, innovate and grow their business at fraction of cost.

SAP All in one ERP is available from various cloud vendors namely Amazon Web Services, IBM, Oracle and through its own Cloud. SAP Cloud adds more punch to its offering with its addition HANA in-memory database. A more intricate approach to SAP Cloud Strategy is their radical shift, in having a unified cloud portfolio i.e.  extending its on-premise solutions to  Cloud applications.

Key Points about SAP Cloud and its offerings:

Flexibility in Business Decision
Companies can select from SAP’s wide offerings and create a hybrid solution that would work seamlessly across SAP offerings which includes ‘on-premise’ and cloud applications.SAP Cloud Insights

SuccessFactors is a cloud-based business solution designed specifically to meet that need in enterprise-class organizations and small and midsize businesses. It drives the workforce strategies and provides insights with confidence and  empowers people.

SAP Cloud empowers Finance & Travel Industry to acquire  real-time intuitive financial insights and simultaneously makes the company  accounting & financials compliant.

Collaborate and seal the deal

Companies  are able to derive real-time insights that help gauge the market trends and understand customer needs, thereby enabling them to make decisions that bring dynamism in their  business approach in turn improving the bottom-line. It also offers a valuable commerce partner ARIBA – COMMERCE SERVICES by SAP.

Ariba offers real solutions which goes beyond deployment that  focuses on key areas such as BUY, SELL and MANAGE Cash, which helps business to be efficient and effective. It  has a wide network that consists of 1 million business users, over 191 countries worldwide, this network commerce power can be harnessed by any business to its advantage to grow.

SAP Cloud Empowering
Cost Efficient &  Profitability

SAP HANA Enterprise Cloud is an in-memory data platform that combines the strength of  cloud & in-memory database which allows companies to be  scaleable and also adds real-time computing power on the  data sets, to ask complex and interactive questions. It is flawless in combining transactional  and analytical workloads into a single unit that lowers TCO (Total cost of ownership ) which gives total control.

MAXimum Attention
SAP  strives to  have a long-term engagement with all of its customers  and prides itself in providing the highest level of support through all phases i.e. before and after deployment.

Unlock the power of your business.

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