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What jayalalitha can do as prime minister of India?

, April 27, 2014, 0 Comments

Jayalalitha & PMOpinion polls indicate that the UPA may not come back to power after the elections. In this context there are two scenarios left – an NDA government or a Third Front Government. A lot has been talked about an NDA led government and there is no need to repeat them here. Little has been spoken about what a Third Front Government can achieve. Many experts seem to look upon a possible Third Front Government as a disaster that can befall the country. The truth may be far different as we shall discuss below.

Let us assume that a Third Front government is formed after the elections with Jayalalitha as the PM. What will be the consequences for the country in such an eventuality. The Trinamul Congress would have emerged as a major constituent of the Third Front. To satisfy the demands of Mamta Banerjee her ally, Jayalalitha could appoint Trinamul Congress leader Amit Mitra as the Finance Minister of the country. The cabinet will be formed keeping in mind the number of seats won by various constituents of the Third Front and the availability of strong and capable leaders to be ministers. We are not trying to speculate here who the other ministers in the cabinet will be.

One of the first tasks for the new government will be to present the general budget. Along with the budget one could possibly see the Direct Tax Code Bill being introduced with minor modifications from what was released by the UPA government. Efforts can then start to get the GST bill passed. This step of implementing the GST should be taken up in right earnest by the new FM.

Getting rolling various infrastructure projects in the pipeline will be an urgent task for the new government. The PM herself should take pains to see that necessary clearances are forthcoming for implementation of infrastructure projects which are very crucial for the progress of the nation. The infrastructure sector will be an area of high priority for the Third Front Government.

Another area of priority for the new government will be the education sector. In the education sector the school education sector already has most of the required plans and programmes already running and there may not be a need for new innovative reforms. But the steps required in the field of higher and technical education, are likely to be path breaking and the minister concerned-in-charge, will have to be forward looking and innovative. In higher and technical education the issue of dealing with the role of the private sector and the possible role for foreign universities in the country has to be handled with a visionary outlook.

Social welfare and health sector schemes will be a matter of high priority for the Jayalalitha government. The schemes under implementation by the UPA may be continued with appropriate modifications as desired by the new government. The Congress Party which will be providing outside support to the government may insist on bringing about reforms in the health sector such as the right to health initiatives which the Congress Party itself has been contemplating. The Third Front government may accede to the demands of Congress party in this regard.

Dealing with black money and corruption are matters of importance in the current context and the PM and FM will have to carefully design policies in this regard. Women’s empowerment will be a matter of significance and having a woman as PM will be an advantage.

The Jayalalitha government may implement a forward looking foreign policy, improving relations with Pakistan and China. Strengthening relations with the USA, Europe, Russia, Japan and South and East Asian countries should also be on the radar of the new government. Unlike a possible NDA government this government may not be inhibited in taking bold initiatives in improving relations with Pakistan and China. As far as initiatives with these two countries are concerned far-reaching and bold initiatives can be expected.

A Jayalalitha government is expected to have special focus on communal harmony, and give special consideration to the issues of the poor, the backward sections of society, the minorities, the disabled and women. It should lay down a forward looking industrial, trade and agriculture policy and should strive for development of rural and urban areas.

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