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Making patents useful

Harsh Vardhan, minister of science and technology, has approved a proposal that the National Research and Development Corporation should develop an Intellectual Property Exchange. The idea is appealing. The patent office receives thousands of applications...


From brain drain to brain regain. Road blocks for two African scientists

Facts on brain drain are either hard to find or old. But one thing remains clear: those who can travel will do so to expand their professional horizons. The question is whether they return and...


Asian Development Bank ups its clout

With a simple trick, the Asian Development Bank will greatly increase its financial firepower. Is there a catch? Is the move a reaction to competition by China’s new development bank, asks Andreas Becker in Frankfurt....


Loose ends: digitalization could ‘make the world a better place’ or end everything

It’s a tale of many sides. Most often we only get the positives of digitalization, while those speaking for the negative are hauled off to a padded cell. But a Berlin summit wants us all...


Africa’s road to environmental destruction

Africa’s raw materials are attracting investors and African states are hoping to capitalize by building roads connecting the continent. But activists warn developments could come at the expense of people and nature. When ecologist Jeff...