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BOJ keeps mum on exit policy while silently tapering its JGB purchase

In the April 26-27 policy meeting, the Bank of Japan (BoJ) made minor adjustments to its growth and inflation outlook, but there were no changes in its generally cautious view. The BoJ sees inflation gradually...


Dollar, Equities and Yields Fall

In thin holiday markets, a correction to the trends seen in Q4 has materialized. The US dollar is heavy. Japanese and European equities are lower. Bonds are firmer. Some reports try to link the moves...


Japanese non-manufacturers shielded from global uncertainties

September BoJ Tankan survey delivered a few positive surprises for the economy. Non-manufacturers’ business condition DI improved by 2 points and the capital expenditure plan for large corporations for the fiscal year 2015 was revised...


Japanese consumers quick to welcome robot assistants

In September, 11 new members of staff are scheduled to start work at Tokyo’s Haneda International Airport. The latest additions to the workforce will be tasked with menial jobs, such as cleaning the concourse and...

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OK, I Get it, the Japanese Government Bond Market Is Dead. And the Yen?

“Japan Government Bonds Rise as Market Shrugs Off Downgrade,” the Wall Street Journal headline said with some astonishment after Moody’s had dared to downgrade Japan’s credit rating to A1 – fifth notch from the top....