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8 Advantages of Investing in Mutual Funds

One of the most important goals of investing is to maximize your returns. However, there are several financial instruments that may be used for investment. You may not have the knowledge to make the right...


Benefits Employees Get through National Pension System

Pension plans offer financial security to people after their retirement. These plans allow retirees to continue living with dignity without compromising on their standard of living. Seniors may ensure they are not a burden on...


Benefits of Investing in Currency Derivatives

It is a contract between two traders mutually agreeing to exchange currency at a fixed price in the future. ‘Derivatives’ means it derives value from underling value and also that it doesn’t have any independent...

Investor sentiment and corporate event-MarketExpress

Part 2: Small Size Investor sentiment and corporate event announcement

Investor sentiments towards corporate event announcement and the behavior analysis on how they react in the pre and post period of the event. In the previous article of the series, in this study we concentrated on two...

Invest your savings-MarketExpress

Where to invest your savings

During these days of high inflation your savings kept in the form of cash is losing its value day by day. If the annual rate of inflation is 8% your cash holdings will lose value...


Gold ETFs adds variety to your portfolio

Gold ETFs (Exchange Traded Funds) provide a smarter way of purchasing gold in electronic form just like you buy shares of a company. They aim to track closely the price of physical gold and provide...