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Constructivism: A Universal, and Actionable Learning Practice

The concept of constructivism was first introduced by Jean Piaget, and this concept gained traction in the 1960’s and emerged as a sub-discipline in psychology for development. Piaget conceptualised that human beings learn through interaction...


School & Children: Score sheet, Our identity card?!

Schooling for Indian children begin before they reach the age of three, when the child’s only identity is still, just his or her name. Little do they know that the sound of their names that they like...


Learning & Worry: Unavoidable truth

The endless worry, to which the human civilization has fallen prey and which has enslaved homo sapiens through generations has transuded into the somatic system as if it were destiny. Fretting over oodles has become...


Learning over Competing

To watch a child grow is the most fascinating experience which transcends all joy for parents bringing up one. From infancy to childhood, the formative years of a human child is not only an ecstatic...