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Mistakes I Made As An Investor

Human psychology is a powerful force and spoiler, especially in investing. We tend to glorify our successes and ignore mistakes or best give it a passing reference in coffee tables. Stock market investing is treacherous...


The Stock Market- Best Avenue for wealth creation and destruction

They say the Stock Market is a place to transfer wealth from the impatient to the patient! Since the impatient are always larger in number compared to the patient, it literally “pays to be patient”...

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What the Heck just Happened in Global Stock Markets?

It was a crummy week for the world’s major stock markets: One, volatility came roaring back. Forget complacency. People are still rubbing their necks from whiplash. Two, the Fed hype-effect fizzled. The publication of the...

Derivatives! Know before you trade

Derivatives! Know before you trade

  The stock market particularly derivatives trading can prove to somewhat of an uphill task for people to understand. Understanding the nitty-gritty of investing in the same can be an even more complex task. In...